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By: A2 Computer Repair  07/01/2015
Keywords: Network Setup, Network Configuration, Wireless Network Security

Networking technologies allow you to share an internet connection, transfer files between computers and devices, share printers, connect your computer to your phone, and a lot more. If you are looking to use a wireless network then there are also security features that need to be configured in order to keep your data private and safe. If you simply go to a store, buy a router and then setup the wireless network then you may be leaving your network in a non-secure mode. In this case people can easily connect to it and use your internet connection, potentially copy, modify or delete your files, locate devices that you have on your network, get into your router and re-configure it, and more. I can help you both setup your network and also help to secure your network so that your information can remain secure.

Keywords: Network Configuration, Network Setup, Wireless Network Security

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