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By: BBagrains LLC  09/11/2014
Keywords: home decor, interior design

Small space design needs a different kind of aesthetics. While designing a small space, remember not to go overboard. Decorating a small space is definitely a challenge but it can be a happy challenge if you keep certain things in mind. The first fundamental rule of home decor is every home is different and what works in one home might just won't work in another. So, your personality needs to be reflected in your home. To have a beautiful, uncluttered small space, keep these points in mind. Having too much of everything: When space is at a minimum, you have to use it judiciously. You can't let your desire to accumulate to rule over. So, give indulgence a miss and don't try to accumulate anything and everything from art, artifacts, furniture to crockery. Do not make your home look like a museum. Give importance to storage: Storage is a very fundamental issue in small space. Instead of going horizontal, go vertical and see what a difference it makes. Similarly, under-the-bed space, over-the-door space and shelves running across the wall can be of great help to you. You can go bold too: Light colors do visually expand a space and make it seem a bit bigger than it maybe actually. But you need not curb your desire to go for bold colours just because your space is small. You can choose to go for dark wall colors and luxurious furnishings to add that element of drama. Push your creative boundaries and play around with your space. Don't go overboard: It's essential have a sense of free flowing space. Clutter and small space just don't go together. Give your eyes a soothing feel and keep only whatever is necessary. You need not feel every inch of the wall or every corner of the house. And remember to have multi-purpose furniture.

Keywords: home decor, interior design

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