Prescription Goggle Adapter

By: Heavyglare Eyewear  11/01/2016
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As an outdoor adventurer, you need outdoor protective eyewear. Whether you are trying to keep out the wind, dirt, snow, water, paint or particles, keeping your eyes safe and your vision clear is a necessity. There is a huge problem trying to find goggles that can go over a pair of prescription eyeglasses. Typical problems you get when you wear a pair of eyeglasses under a pair of goggles are: Fogging: Glasses fog up and so do the goggles. This prevents you from being present and able to fully enjoy your activities. You need to constantly pull off your eyewear to try to deal with the fogging. Obstructed vision means you need to make multiple stops. Glasses Slip/Slide: Most goggles are not made to have a pair of glasses worn underneath them. Due to incompatibilities glasses will slide and slip around inside of goggles. Once again, this leads to distraction, it is frustrating, disrupting. Uncomfortable: Wearing two pairs of eyewear at once puts extra strain on your everyday dress glasses. Some people find the combination to be distracting and sometimes eventually painful. So what is a dirt biker / snowboarder / motocross / skier / motorcyclist / fat biker / paint-baller to do? WE HAVE THE SOLUTION: the Heavyglare Eyewear Universal Rx Insert. This insert fits into 99% of goggles and it fits snuggly. It doesn’t slide around. It will not just fall out. It allows you to focus your energy and your passion on what matters – living in the moment. (Excluding small children’s goggles and massively oversized edge to edge goggles) How does the Rx insert combat the three most common problems faced by those wearing both glasses and goggles? Anti-Fogging Coating: Our inserts can have anti-fogging coatings applied. They stay clear through all conditions. You will not need to stop to clear away the fog anymore. You will be free to be present in your sport. Firm Placement: The Heavyglare Universal Rx Insert will stay in place. Once you put it in your goggles it will stay there until you take them out. They don’t slip. They don’t slide. They remain in place allowing you to have distraction-free vision. Weightlessness: This insert weighs only 0.4 ounces. It is incredibly light, alleviating any strain or heaviness that might have been caused by an eyeglasses/goggles combo. Our prescription goggle inserts can change the way you spend your time on the slopes, trails and various terrains of your life. Don’t let your glasses limit you, experience the freedom of the Universal Rx Insert. Enjoy your time outdoors without letting exhilaration pass you by.

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