Do Ceramics with Professional Tools

Do Ceramics with Professional Tools from smARTy!

By: smARTy!  03/22/2015
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- You can use our clay slab roller - just like the pros! - Or perhaps you want to make perfect coils with our extruder and use a rib to smooth it out, and then emboss or deboss a pattern on your art - Use our leaf with veins to create a perfect dish! - Extrude some long flat pieces of clay and weave them over a bowl as you might a straw basket. We will help you find a technique to build your masterpieces by showing you some of our first rate ceramics tools and how to use them. We will then place your piece in our drying area, and let it dry until its ready to be fired, at which time we will put it in the kiln and fire it until it turns from greenware to bisque. And, about a week later, you can come back and paint it! It will then be glazed and fired to perfection again.

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You can paint a penguin to look like a penguin, and we have quite a selection from animals to fun monsters, creative vases, cups and plates... But what if you want to do something that seems too difficult? If you choose bisque, you can select one of nearly 200 designs. We can help you make a beautiful piece - tools are half the battle.. sponges create a great effect on bisque. screen printing for a perfect design. stamps placed carefully or at random on bisque. bubble