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By: Fishbowl Solutions  02/04/2015
Keywords: Google Search Appliance, Search Appliance, Liferay

Enterprise portals help aggregate data from multiple sources and display it to users within a unified, web-based interface. The overall goal of a portal is to provide one location for users to consume information and access business applications. Search plays a critical role in achieving this goal, yet a common complaint from Oracle WebCenter and Liferay customers is that the embedded search in those systems doesn't provide relevant results so users can find the content they need when they need it. Furthermore, these search systems do not provide many of the features users have come to expect, such as spelling suggestions. Organizations that have turned to Google and the Google Search Appliance (GSA) have seen greatly improved search result relevancy; however, the GSA does not integrate with WebCenter or Liferay out of the box. This has often led to disconnected search experiences and costly customizations. All these factors detract from the overall portal user experience and impede widespread adoption. Google Search Within Your Portal: By using Fishbowl's GSA Portal Search Suite, WebCenter and Liferay customers can realize a Google-like search experience directly within their portals. Fishbowl's GSA Portal Search Suite leverages the Google Search Appliance (GSA), an on-premise search solution that provides a single search experience for all enterprise data. The GSA Portal Search Suite extends GSA search features such as spell check, synonyms, and related search suggestions to the portal so users can easily find what they need. Additionally, business-specific search features such as document previews and people search are available to portal users. The GSA Portal Search Suite also includes an authentication mechanism to provide single sign-on between the portal and the GSA, creating a seamless secure search experience. Standards-Based, Flexible Google Search Integration: Fishbowl's GSA Portal Search Suite includes a collection of JSR-286 portlets that provide a search box and search results layout directly within the portal. The portlets are configurable, letting customers choose which Google search features to expose and which portlets to include on specific portal pages. The flexible design allows you to control the layout of your pages and maintain consistency with the existing look and feel of your portal. Together, Fishbowl's GSA Portal Search Suite and the Google Search Appliance help ensure that searches conducted from WebCenter or Liferay return highly relevant results. Users can take advantage of Google's industry-leading search capabilities directly within their portals and not from disconnected search pages that break away from the portal's overall look and feel. The end benefit is integrated Google search within WebCenter and Liferay that greatly enhances those portals' ability to provide a single location to access all enterprise information.

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