Former NARSCI President Lewis C. Barbe

By: Lewis Barbe  03/31/2015
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Experienced safety engineer & expert witness Lewis Barbe is currently registered with such organizations as the Board of International Health Care Safety Professionals and the Board of International Hazard Control. He is also currently registered, and certified, with the Board of product Safety Management and the Certified Safety Professionals organizations, respectively. Lewis Barbe’s experience is quite extensive, including engineering consulting services centered on the fields of locomotive system and equipment analysis and diesel electric locomotive design. An important member of the engineering consulting field for many years, Barbe was once honored to have served as President of NARSCI, or the National Association of Railroad Safety Consultants and Investigators. NARSCI, as Barbe knows, continues to be the country’s only independent organization of professionals with a focus on both railroad safety and railroad safety matters consulting. Read more -

Keywords: barbe consulting lewis services

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