By: Carlson Law Firm, P.A.  10/10/2014
Keywords: Mediation

Mediation is a form of Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) which allows the parties to discuss the issues of the case in a more relaxed, less hostile environment and attempt to negotiate a settlement. Additionally, mediation can provide a more neutral resolution for those seeking to maintain equality. Family Mediation Couples looking into how to file for divorce may wish to use a mediator prior to initiating a divorce with the court or at any point during the dissolution of marriage process. Instead of the traditionally adversarial process of a court battle, mediation offers the parties a chance to communicate and negotiate with each other with the goal of coming to a resolution that is acceptable to both sides. Mediation offers the parties the ability to avoid the lengthy (and usually expensive) court process and end their marriage relationship amicably. Mediation is also useful in motions to modify custody, parenting time, and other post-decree issues.

Keywords: Mediation

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