Tummy Tuck/Abdominoplasty

By: Stanley L. Librach, MD, DDS  01/13/2016
Keywords: Tummy Tuck, Cosmetic Surgeon, Abdominoplasty

Are You A Good Tummy Tuck Candidate? There are many reasons why our patients seek out abdominoplasty. However, it is important to note a tummy tuck is not a substitute for a workout plan or weight loss. Most commonly, those dissatisfied with their appearance in the abdominal area have experienced: Multiple pregnancies Loss of elasticity in the skin Sudden or extreme weight loss What To Expect In The Tummy Tuck Procedure Abdominoplasty surgery is typically done under general anesthesia and lasts anywhere from 1-5 hours. Depending on if other body contouring procedures are performed during the same period dictates the recovery process and length of stay. In most cases, patients are not kept overnight. The Recovery Process For Abdominoplasty Small temporary tubes will be placed in the abdomen in order to drain any excess blood or fluid that builds up after surgery. Physical activity should be kept at a minimum following a tummy tuck procedure. Because each patient heals differently, following Dr. Librach’s specific instructions related to your personal, customized care plan is crucial. Tummy Tuck Results The full results of your tummy tuck will not be seen immediately due to swelling and improper posture following the surgery. Overall, an abdominoplasty will result in a flatter and firmer stomach. Living a healthy lifestyle helps patients maintain incredible results. Schedule your consultation with Dr. Librach today! FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS Our abdominoplasty patients often have questions about their upcoming procedure, many regarding cost, what to expect and more. Please review the questions and answers provided below. If you have further questions, please contact our surgical team. How much does tummy tuck cost? The cost of abdominoplasty will vary based on several factors, including the specific approach Dr. Librach and his surgical team takes and whether another procedure is combined into the surgery. A tummy tuck is considered an elective surgery, so it will not be covered by your insurance provider. The amount of the tummy tuck includes the surgeon’s fees, anesthesia medications and the facility fees. However, it may not include preoperative medical testing, prescription medication, surgical garments or other postoperative supplies. To learn more about the pricing structure, please call us to schedule an informational surgical consultation. Have more questions?? Visit our website now! How can I schedule a consultation? To schedule a consultation with the Dr. Librach and his plastic surgery team, please call 314-842-3565 or fill out our form.

Keywords: Abdominoplasty, Cosmetic Surgeon, Tummy Tuck

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