NueHealth And Nueterra Capital Reimagine Healthcare Delivery In U.S.

NueHealth And Nueterra Capital Reimagine Healthcare Delivery In U.S. from Nuehealth

By: Nuehealth  03/19/2016
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Nueterra, the nation's largest privately held organization that formerly specialized in the development of equity partnerships and focused healthcare facilities, recently announced that it has divided its interests between two new companies—NueHealth and Nueterra Capital. While Nueterra Capital will continue the founding company's private equity investment and advisory services, NueHealth will operate a national system of integrated provider networks that aligns physicians and connects them to healthcare consumers to deliver value-based healthcare and improved quality and lower costs for both audiences. Between NueHealth and Nueterra Capital, the company will maintain all former assets and executive leadership, though the two new entities represent a more narrow focus on specific programs and services within the healthcare industry, including network development, bundled payment programs, custom benefit plans and management, private equity investing and joint venture partnerships. "The overall goal of NueHealth is to provide healthcare consumers, specifically employers, insurance companies and patients, with direct access to a high caliber of care that's transparent and affordable," said Dan Tasset, chairman, Nueterra Capital and NueHealth. "On the other hand, Nueterra Capital will focus on making investments in the healthcare companies and technologies that will truly advance the future of healthcare." NueHealth takes the kind of effort and experience that Nueterra dedicated to physicians and facilities for over 20 years and refocuses that attention on the consumer audience. Leveraging clinically integrated provider networks, purpose-driven healthcare facilities and a collection of programs and services that includes bundled payments and custom benefit plans, NueHealth aims to deliver value-based care and payment models that make healthcare simple, affordable and transparent. According to chief operating officer, Tim O'Brien, NueHealth has already demonstrated early success in various markets including NueHealth Greater Philadelphia (NGP). NGP is built on a partnership with a multi-specialty independent physician association of over 1,000 providers, and is poised to offer Philadelphia-area employers, insurance companies and patients greater control over their healthcare spend and personal health management. Meanwhile, Nueterra Capital will continue to invest in various healthcare companies, focusing on key sectors that include technology, service companies, provider companies, insurance and real estate; the goal is to leverage investment activity as a means of empowering the companies and innovators who are poised to drive change within the healthcare industry. In addition to offering investment opportunities and strategic planning services, Nueterra Capital also provides incubation and back office support for each of its portfolio companies. "Dividing ourselves into these two new companies was a targeted decision to make healthcare more simple, more accessible and more advanced," said Tasset. "Between NueHealth and Nueterra Capital, we're going to give people access to care that they fully understand, we're going to create sustainable networks and facilities that keep physicians and health systems ahead of the healthcare evolution, and at the same time we're going to be investing in the very companies and ideas that will make the future of healthcare match our own vision." To learn more about both companies, visit them online at or

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