Warrant Amnesty in St. Louis

By: LeadfootSpeedingTicket.com  09/16/2014
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It's time again for Warrant Amnesty Days in St. Louis, Missouri on August 2, 6, & 9, 2014. If you have a warrant for a traffic ticket or other misdemeanor in a municipal court in St. Louis City, St. Louis County, or St. Charles County, you may be able to get your warrant lifted for a small fee during Warrant Amnesty Days in St. Louis. To get your warrant lifted during Amnesty Days, here's what you must do: Attend an Amnesty Day event and purchase a $10 voucher for each outstanding warrant that has been issued against you. You must attend a brief seminar while you are at the Amnesty Day event. Take your voucher & $100 (to pay your bond) to the court that issued the warrant against you, and the court will lift your warrant and give you a new court date. After you get a court date, your options are as follows: Plead guilty and pay the fines and court costs that you owe to the court. Go to court and plead not guilty, at which point the judge will set a trial date for your case. Hire an attorney to represent you in court to get your traffic ticket or misdemeanor charge dismissed or reduced to a lesser offense. Where Is Warrant Amnesty Day Held? Warrant Amnesty Days are being held at St. Louis Community College at the Meramec location on August 2, Florissant Valley location on August 6, and at the Forest Park location on August 9, 2014 from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. Which Courts Are Participating in the 2014 St. Louis Amnesty Days? 65 municipal and county courts in the St. Louis & St. Charles area will participate in the 2014 Warrant Amnesty Days. Click here to see which courts are participating in the Warrant Amnesty Days. Before purchasing the $10 voucher to lift your warrant, you should check this list of participating courts or contact the court that issued the warrant against you to find out if that court is participating in the Amnesty program. Who is Sponsoring the 2014 Warrant Amnesty Days? The 2014 St. Louis Warrant Amnesty event is sponsored by St. Louis Community College and Better Family Life, Inc. For more information and to find out which St. Louis area courts are participating in the Warrant Amnesty, call Better Family Life at (314) 381-8200. An Attorney Can Lift Your Warrant & You Won't Have to Attend Amnesty Day In many cases, you can hire an attorney to lift your warrant for you, and you won't have to attend Amnesty Day or appear in court. If you have already appeared in court on your own to plead guilty (or you had a lawyer appear in court for you), and then you failed to pay the fine, many courts will not lift the warrant. In that situation, the court will require you to turn yourself in and pay the bond before they will lift your warrant.

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