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By: Zolman Law Firm  08/07/2014
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To a large extent, the outcome of your divorce is the result of the choices you and your spouse make. At the Law Offices of the Zolman Law Firm, we believe it’s our job to help you make the right choices. To do that, we take the time to educate you about your choices and about the possible outcomes of your case. We make it a point to see past the immediate emotions so that you can see the long-term impact of every decision you make. You can be confident that we can lead you in the right direction. Two Basic Types of Divorce: Uncontested and Contested There are a wide range of divorce options. Sometimes the parties work out their differences and only need an attorney to ensure that the paperwork is filed correctly. At times the differences cannot be worked out and litigation may be the best course of action. Though each may have variations, there are essentially two basic types of divorces: Uncontested divorce: These are cases in which the two parties are able to reach a resolution through divorce mediation or other means outside of the courtroom. Contested divorce: These are cases in which the two parties simply cannot see eye-to-eye and the decision needs to be placed in the hands of the judge. What starts out as an uncontested divorce may evolve into a contested divorce and vice-versa. There is a time and a place for each of these types of divorce. However, we believe that, due to the expense involved, the time for a contested divorce is only if it is absolutely necessary. We want to help you keep your divorce affordable.

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