By: The Headache Center  07/13/2016
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"The Headache Center is a beacon of light for patients all over Mississippi and the southeast suffering with chronic headache disorders. Established in 2013, The Headache Center has treated over 2000 patients with migraine and other headache conditions. The staff at The Headache Center has a passion for educating patients and families with headache disorders so that better outcomes are achieved. Migraine is one of the most disabling conditions on the planet according to the World Health Organization. It is also more prevalent than diabetes and asthma combined, affecting over 36 million patients in the U. S. each year. Based on the annual prevalence rate of 12% and the population of Mississippi, there are approximately 360,000 people in Mississippi suffering from migraine. According to a large population-based study conducted in the U.S. investigating migraine prevalence, only about half of these sufferers have ever received the correct diagnosis. Those who are not receiving the correct diagnosis of migraine, usually receive an incorrect diagnosis of sinus headache or tension-type headache. Forty percent of migraine sufferers could benefit from preventive medication therapy to reduce disability. Only about 12 percent of migraine sufferers actually receive prevention treatment. Thousands of patients in Mississippi that fit the IHS criteria for migraine are not receiving optimal or even adequate care. It is estimated that the burden of migraine in the U.S. eclipses 20 billion dollars annually in direct and indirect costs. Studies have shown that intervention with prevention medication can significantly reduce costs by decreasing utilization of MRI scans, visits to physician offices, emergency departments and hospitalization days. Migraine is not the only headache condition treated at The Headache Center. The International Headache Society has published guidelines for diagnosing headache disorders. Cluster headache, also known as suicide headache, is just as prevalent as multiple sclerosis, but it does not get any funding by the NIH for finding a cure or treatment. Other headache disorders diagnosed and treated at The Headache Center include (but are not limited to) the following: hemicrania continua, chronic paroxysmal hemicraina, exertional headache, high and low pressure headaches, tension-type headache, Chiari malformation, trigeminal neuralgia, and cervicogenic headache. The evidence supports not only treating headache disorders with medications, but with lifestyle modification and treatment of co-morbidities. Common co-morbidities of headache disorders include: anxiety and/or depression, allergy and asthma, obesity and sleep disorders. Only at The Headache Center will you get a holistic approach aimed at treating all the problems associated with headache disorders. Our staff works hard to educate and empower the patient to take control of his or her own health and headache condition. This take a lot more time than a 5-minute office visit, and it is reinforced at every follow-up visit. The clinic does not provide controlled substances for headache disorders. All published literature on treating headaches with controlled substances shows significantly worse outcomes when treated with narcotics (opioids) and barbiturates. Both adult and pediatric headache disorders are treated at The Headache Center. Over 200 providers across the state trust the staff at The Headache Center with their referrals. The Headache Center has a great base of consulting providers that work with the clinic to provide outstanding care and follow-up including radiologists, ophthalmologists, neurologists, cardiologists, ENTs, OBGYNs, psychiatrists, psychologists and family providers. Referrals are not necessary. There is not a 6 month wait list. New patients usually can get in within two weeks. We also provide same day urgent care for established patients. The Headache Center is a preferred provider on all commercial insurance plans plus Medicare.

Keywords: Doctor, Headache, Medicine, Migraine, pediatric