By: Hummingbird Creative Group  04/30/2014
Keywords: Advertising Agencies, Advertising Consultants

Insight is at the core of what we call BIG IDEAS. And how, exactly, do we come up with those? “Some people think creativity is about sitting in an empty room and coming up with something that never existed,” says Wendy Coulter, founder and CEO of Hummingbird. “To me, creativity is solving problems.” The first step: We talk to your stakeholders, customers and prospects. You’d be surprised how much your customers will tell us, things you didn’t think mattered much. “When we talk to your customer to find out why he bought and why he keeps coming back, that directly tells us what your company’s advantages are,” says Coulter. Those interviews eventually tease out a common thread, which turns into our BIG IDEA. That thread-turned-big-idea gives Hummingbird the perfect platform to inspire creative solutions for problems your business might be facing. “When every person you talk to says the same thing over and over again, suddenly you have a BIG IDEA, which usually translates into a tagline or other major marketing message that will help tie the brand together,” adds Coulter. “The customers help shape it so you know it’s going to resonate and help attract new business.” “The ‘reasons to believe’ are the driving force in your company, and we find those through insight,” says Coulter. “We see corporate identity in a different way; your competitive advantages and reasons to believe shape the personality of your brand.”

Keywords: Advertising Agencies, Advertising Consultants

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