Odorxout Carolina's Inc. Odor Removal and Infection Control

Odorxout Carolina's Inc. Odor Removal and Infection Control from Odorxout Carolina's Inc.

By: Odorxout Carolina's Inc.  03/20/2014
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ODOR REMOVAL and INFECTION CONTROL. Our process is 100% Green. We use enriched oxygen to eradicate odors. website http://www.odorxout-carolinas.com specializing in Apartment Move-Outs and Homes For Sale,Commercial spaces and Autos, boats. Give our team 3-6 hours to do our job, and even foul and pungent odors will be gone. Our service destroys odors,viruses and bacteria at the molecular level for a permanent solution. We also have a Infection Control division for Germ reduction. We utilize a Protectant which is EPA registered non toxic,non-leaching and non transferable. It is applied by a fog-type mist application that sets up a unique antimicrobial barrier. This is not a cleaning product or a typical sanitizing product that chemically reacts with bacteria and virus. Instead, the treated surface resembles a barbed-wire covered surface of millions of sharp points that critically damage bacteria and microbe that die on contact. It is non toxic,non leaching and non transferable. Medical professionals worry that bacteria can mutate an immunity to nearly any chemical and or sanitizer, but bacteria cannot mutate against being stabbed. You see, this is not a chemical reaction but a mechanical process. Humans cannot feel or detect the protected barrier, but when applied to textiles or hard surface, a semi permanent coating is created and has an electrostatic attraction to microbes that are drawn to their death on a membrane piercing surface. The antimicrobial protect-ant is extremely effective against bacteria, germs, organic odors, mold and mildew. This comes as the result of a 24/7 process that greatly inhibits bacteria colonization. By not providing a convenient path for microbes, the possibility of colonizing bacteria to attach and multiply means key avenues are not available. For this reason, the full implementation of theapplication treats key pathways of disease transmission.

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