What Can You Learn From President Obama About Relationship Marketing?

What Can You Learn From President Obama About Relationship Marketing? from WGC Interactive

By: WGC Interactive  03/29/2014

What can President Barack Obama teach you about how private individuals, industry and politicians are benefiting from relationship marketing? Today, you are connecting with a broader audience at a deeper more personal level than ever before. You have at your disposal modern methods that help you to engage and interact others in ways that were relatively unknown just a few years ago. Even President Obama’s campaign team effectively utilized technologies during each of the election campaigns and helped him to speak directly to the electorate. The election demonstrated that the Network was more important the Net Worth for the electorate. Today, many organizations are beginning to actively use Social Networking and Technology to engage and interact with their audience. Relationship marketing is the method serving your audience based on their needs and desires. Properly used, this is one the most reliable tactics for establishing yourself as the professional, expert and trusted authority. Think of relationship building as the foundation to your business. It establishes you as a professional, trust worthy and a consistent and reliable resource. Your website can serve as a tool for turning visitors into subscribers. Sharing valuable information and even products that help your subscribers to enhance their performance improves the possibility of building meaningfule relationships. This can, in turn, lead to establishing them as life time customers. The principles for building relationships using virtual online computer based technologies is now being used in similar manner to the traditional physical face to face relationship. However, the techniques that utilize online and mobile systems can increase the efficiency and accelerate the process of turning a potential customer into lifetime customer. This starts by delivering what your target audience needs and wants during this process. Relationship marketing is a long term process, not just a one-time commitment. It starts the moment you think about building an organization based on the customers you will be serving and the positive experience you want for them enjoy. This continues to progressfor as long as you continue to build better ways of serving them. Social media provides a number of low cost or even no cost tools that can be used to rapidly build and to engage your audience. The tools used by President Obama are available to you. Click below to learn more several of them.

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