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By: caroline z photography  07/20/2014
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"Life is not the breaths you take, but the moments that take your breath away." (Unknown) I am a story-teller, but I am not a good writer, so I tell stories by taking pictures. Being a professional photographer brings me joy of capturing memories that otherwise would be lost in the everyday routine. Caroline z photography is here to tell your story, and I promise it will take your breath away. The most important thing you need to know about me is that I truly enjoy taking pictures but even more so, I enjoy helping you to remember those precious moments that you can later share with your family and friends. If it was not for pictures, our lives would pass by and memories would fade. How great it is that we can look at the images of our wives, husbands, babies, pets, and remember exactly how they were. I believe that candid and journalistic approach to photography is the best way of capturing one's personality. When we look at the photograph, we want to see laughter, joy, surprise, tears, curiosity. What is the better way of showing it other than taking a photograph that is not staged. Caroline z photography's approach to weddings and portraits always aims at telling a true and full of emotions story. Each person or couple is unique, and I make sure that I tailor my approach so that that person's story reflects their distinctive personality. I constantly reinvent and develop my style because I want to accommodate everybody's expectations and I want the images to take their breaths away.

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