By: North Carolina Drug Rehab Center   01/20/2015
Keywords: pain management Durham NC

It’s not uncommon for doctors to prescribe opiate-based pain medications for patients who have undergone surgery or had some kind of traumatic and painful accident. The medicine works wonders for those looking for much needed short term pain and discomfort relief. However, when taken for longer period of time, opiate pain pills have a high potential for abuse. One of the biggest issues is that a person will build up tolerance to the pills overtime, meaning that it takes a higher and higher dosage in order to feel the same effects. This creates a serious risk for overdosing, particularly when the pills are used in tandem with other drugs and alcohol. In order to successfully treat someone with an opiate addiction, you must first help them find new ways to manage their chronic pain. Opiates work to mask pain, not get rid of it entirely. This means after someone detoxes from opiate addiction, their pain comes rushing back. There are numerous ways to manage pain that don’t involve dangerous medication, so give Drug rehab helpline for Durham, NC a call now to find out what an addiction rehab center can do for you. Pain treatment is a dangerous business when you use prescription medication to cope with pain and discomfort. If you’ve tried to quit using opiate pills before but could not, give the professionals at the drug rehab helpline for Durham, NC a call right away at (919) 251-5149 for help with your recovery. You can also send an email to for more information.

Keywords: pain management Durham NC

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