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By: Jackson Stamps  11/03/2014
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In the 1840s, England offered the first printed adhesive postage stamp called the Penny Black. Since that time, worldwide postage stamps have provided great interest to collectors everywhere, and Jackson Stamps in Hendersonville, NC, has many from which to choose. Many people collect stamps for different reasons. For instance, many people have heard of the 1918 Inverted Jenny misprinted stamp. Every collector dreams of finding that one valuable stamp that will make them rich. Stamp collecting is more than just creating a collection of valuable items; it is also a valuable learning tool for history and geography. Worldwide postage stamps are very popular with collectors. Some countries that have produced printed stamps in the past do not even exist any longer! A stamp from East Germany can provide amazing insights into a culture that no longer exists outside of history books. Stamp collecting has enjoyed popularity for many, many years. In the British Postal Museum & Archive, you will find the childhood stamp album of Freddy Mercury, lead singer for the British rock-and-roll band, Queen. John Lennon’s stamp album is held in the United States by the National Postal Museum. Begin your collection by coming to Jackson Stamps in Hendersonville, NC, to get the supplies, worldwide postage stamps, and collector’s stamps that interest you. You can start with any topic such as horses, cats, “I Love Lucy,” or even Elvis! Let me show you some basic supplies to start you on your way and help you discover the love of stamps that I have not only maintained, but also cultivated for 35 years!

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