Solar Revolution Light Mover

Solar Revolution Light Mover from Hydroponics Farming

By: Hydroponics Farming  08/27/2015
Keywords: light mover, hydroponics

The standard unit will rotate two or three lights, while the simple addition of cross bars enables the unit to rotate from up to four to eight lights without having to buy a whole new mover. Another Solar Revolution benefit is that there is no need to cut any lamp cords or do any hard wiring. In other words it is a UNIVERSAL LIGHT MOVER!! The innovative design rotates the lamps in one direction, then reverses course to provide even garden light coverage in the opposite direction. In this way the lamp cords never tangle! The Solar Revolution is adjustable in that the grower may change the rotation distance from at 90, 180, or 355 degrees set points. This rotator is suited for the grower that mixes metal halides and high pressure sodium lamps and or dual arc lamps or LED lamps. For ease of venting hoods, the 90 degree setting is best fit.

Keywords: light mover, hydroponics

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