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By: Leoforce   11/12/2014
Keywords: Hr Software, Applicant Tracking, Applicant Tracking System

In the dynamic and ultra-competitive world of staffing, finding the right fit for a job with specialized skills is complicated. Hiring decisions has the biggest impact on the direction of work and long term success of the team. Professional recruiters have to operate at optimum efficiency in order to increase their placements and drive business growth. In the recent past recruiters have been following traditional methods of receiving resumes in different files, formats and manually entering the information in to the company’s database. This has been changed now with applicant tracking system. This software is the finest ways to regain the focus of the business and allows electronic management of recruitment needs. Companies need to have an efficient applicant tracking system. It performs administrative duties of the HR departments so that they focus on their area of expertise, which is hiring and managing the right people. Filtering through the unsolicited resumes applicant tracking system provides simple, impartial, solutions to the growing problem of resume management. Recruitment and hiring is certainly an expensive, long and difficult process and keeping track of all the candidate information is difficult. ATS cut the cost significantly and reduces a considerable amount of time spent on communicating. Sometimes for larger organizations, it becomes impossible to sort through the sheer number of applications. This all-in-one recruiting software helps in sorting applications without having to read them individually so that you don’t waste time and can focus on the superstars. The system has tools that allow hiring managers set up records of information regarding pipelined applicants for any future endeavours. Through this application, HR managers of companies can set up programmed notifications and emails to be sent to applicants for follow ups or for saying thank you for applying for a particular position. An Applicant tracking system solves one of the most important problems of duplicate submissions which hiring managers face a lot today. Duplicate submissions can be avoided and the management system can be simplified so that managers have more time to review each candidate’s profile. It plays a major role in setting new sourcing strategies and managing data support. Social hiring also becomes easy through ATS with the use of media platforms such Facebook, Twitter, etc. which allows companies use this system to publish jobs directly without manually inputting the data on each page. It helps to increase the efficiency of staffing agencies and HR departments to help make their jobs easier. Finding the right employees should never be a crapshoot. Applicant tracking system helps companies craft an efficient hiring strategy to save both time and money and hire faster and smarter. It is said that the most valuable asset of a company are its people. ATS automates the hiring process and gets superstars hired and ready to work as quickly as possible.

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