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By: NC Gutter Guys, Inc.  07/30/2015
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Uncontrolled rain water falling from your roof can damage your home in many different ways. That’s why gutters are essential – gutters capture the water that runs off of your roof, and the downspouts then lead all of this water away from your home and its foundation. Gutters protect your home and property from water damage by: preventing mold, mildew, mosquitoes, West Nile virus, ants, and termites, keeping crawl spaces dry, and free of awful smells, stopping foundations from shifting and cracking, which is very expensive to repair, and protecting siding, windows, doors, and other trim from rot. home with new gutter installation These new gutters blend in beautifully with the architecture of this stately home. Gutters and downspouts must be an integral part of your home. They protect the investment you’ve made in your property by: preventing heavy brick chimneys from pulling away from your home, so you can avoid the extremely high cost of foundation shoring if a chimney begins to lean, shielding windows and doors from water penetration that damages dry wall and flooring, ending the ugly red mud stains that backsplash creates on your siding, preventing water from pooling around your steps which reduces the danger of ice and falls on your walkways, and ending the harm done to expensive landscaping by waterlogged soil Fixing Rotted Fascia and Soffits Home with seamless gutter and downspout installation The new seamless gutter and downspout installation on this handsome Raleigh home protects the property at the same time as they fit in naturally with its pristine appearance. NC Gutter Guys, Inc. repairs and replaces rotted fascia boards and soffits too by the mile every year, so we have a great deal of experience in this type of work. The fascia is the board behind the gutter, while the soffit bridges the distance between the fascia and the house wall. The soffit is parallel to the ground and usually contains louvers for ventilation. There are many possible causes of rot in fascia and soffits, but the most common reasons are overflowing gutters and clogged downspouts. When a gutter overflows, water will spill over the front, which is usually easy to see during a rain, but often water rolls over the back of the gutter as well, and that may be harder to spot. If water spills over the rear of the gutter, some of it will remain trapped between the metal gutter and the wooden fascia. Since neither sunlight nor air can penetrate back there, water will be held against the wooden fascia until it evaporates over time. When this process occurs often enough, the wood will rot and replacement becomes necessary. Occasionally water will eat its way through the fascia and also damage the sub-fascia and the soffit below the gutter. In some cases water dripping from behind the gutter will damage window trim and siding boards on the house wall further down. See “Siding Replacement and Rot Repairs” for more details, or learn more on our Glossary page. Contact us today using the email form on the right or call (919) 630-0527 to get your FREE Estimate! Ask us about how we can help you protect and enhance your property and prevent costly water damage.

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