Site Audit

By: JIT Solutions Group  08/21/2014

Most customers understand the need for gaining control of their inventory, but often they need help understanding where to start. JIT will conduct a single or multi-day audit designed to analyze your current production and inventory management processes, diagnose the effectiveness of current practices and recommend improvement opportunities. Areas to be reviewed include: • SKU count and dollar value of inventory • Inventory Accuracy • Forecasting methods • Facility Layout • Product sourcing decisions • Critical Spares inventory In many cases, our standard analysis tools can be directly applied to your operations. Very often we will also provide customized solutions to satisfy your unique business challenges.

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Inventory Accuracy & Optimization Strategies

Inventory accuracy must start with a solid foundation. A foundation based on proven principles and sound business practices, processes and


Business Process Analysis/Improvements (BPA/I)

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Inventory Database Design

Designing Inventory and non Inventory Databases to maintain records for all of your needs    


Warehouse/Parts Room/Service Truck Inventory Design & Management

A well-designed and organized warehouse, parts room, tool crib or service truck ensures that you are achieving the optimal balance of cost, productivity, and space utilization while taking into account accuracy and safety.


Employee Training, Education and Procedure Documentation

Even though training is not a quick solution, it will likely have the greatest return on investment of anything you will do in your operation.


Inventory Accuracy Improvement Program

  By implementing and maintaining an Inventory Management program, you will be proactive in identifying these and other issues.  Once identified, you can then develop long term solutions that are beneficial to you, your staff and more importantly, your CUSTOMER.