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By: Minick Law, P.C.  06/17/2015
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Minick Law, P.C. is your team of experienced and trusted DWI/DUI, Personal Injury, Criminal Defense and Divorce attorneys in Waynesville, NC. Our attorneys are dedicated to providing outstanding legal representation to our clients. Our Family Law and Divorce Attorneys in Waynesville, NC handle all types of family law cases, such as, but not limited to: divorce, seperation agreements, child custody, and equitable distribution. Additionally, our DWI/DUI attorneys are trained in DWI law and the team includes a former police officer with 12 years of experience. Our Personal Injury lawyers and Car Accident lawyers are trustworthy individuals skilled in the negotiation process so that your case can be settled more smoothly and, in most cases, more beneficially, outside the courtroom. Our Divorce lawyers hold themselves to high standards of professional service and honest advice. From the very first attorney-client meeting, our divorce attorneys will evaluate what your best option is for your divorce, separation agreement,child custody and/or equitable distribution case.

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Legal Services

Minick Law, P.C. Waynesville's DWI/DUI, Criminal, Family, and Personal Injury Lawyers take pride in providing the injured and accused with full service legal representation.