DUI Defense

By: Petersen Law Office  05/23/2014
Keywords: Criminal Defense Lawyers, Drunk Driving Lawyer, drunk driving attorney

Despite common perception and law enforcement myth, people who are not driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs exhibit many of the same driving patters as drunk drivers. All sorts of tasks such as texting, talking on a cell phone, changing the radio station, putting on makeup, or eating, distract drivers. The first thing prosecutors focus on is your driving. If you were weaving or speeding then their police will likely testify this is an indication of impairment. An experienced Omaha DUI attorney will cross-examine the police with their own training manuals and education. Almost all officers are trained using publications from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. There are over 3,400 pages of textbooks used to train law enforcement. Many of them conflict on both indicators and procedure. However, they universally indicate that drivers who are not impaired are guilty of most traffic violations.

Keywords: Criminal Defense Lawyers, drunk driving attorney, Drunk Driving Lawyer, Dui Defense Attorney

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