PPP (Progressive Production Planning)

PPP (Progressive Production Planning) from Arnold Group, LLC

By: Arnold Group, LLC  04/08/2015
Keywords: PPP Progressive Production Planning

PPP is something to look into when you want great production increase from the manufacturing floor. In a nutshell, it's a radical method to get peak performance from employees. Here are a few questions to ask yourself: 1. Is your company losing $$$? 2. Is too much scrap (waste) hitting your ROI, and not enough good parts being shipped? 3. You have good employees, but why aren't the parts going out on time? Some other questions that can be asked: I. Do your payroll costs frequently exceed budget expectations? II. Do your competitors consistently under quote you? III. Do you have variances that you can't explain? IV. Is your per-employee net income below industry average? V. Is teamwork missing from the production floor? VI. Is team leadership lacking? These seeming small things can cost the contract over time, which could be detrimental down the line. When you connect with PPP you make and save money. You make money when employees production levels are higher and more efficient; save money by producing less scrap and waste materiel. With our PPP, we can hone in on specific areas and quarantine their symptoms and place them back on track. Our statistics show that those companies that use our PPP program have an increase in positive production rate (PPR) of 50% more per employee than those who don't. It keeps you in charge, and at the same time gives your employees ownership and accountability for their respective positions.

Keywords: PPP Progressive Production Planning

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