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By: Kangaroo Kids Child Care & Learning Center  08/11/2015
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Young Explorers Curriculum Current research demonstrates that it is crucial at this first stage of development for infants to have an opportunity for interaction with loving, caring adults in a nurturing, safe and stimulating environment. The Kangaroo Kids Infant Room is filled happy sounds, smiling faces and diverse opportunities for exploration. We strive to make our environment as much like home as possible so children are comfortable and secure. We welcome parents to our program and encourage visits at lunchtime or spending time with us at drop off or pick up. We want to form a strong partnership with parents to provide the best possible care for their child. All infant schedules are individualized according to the needs of the child and preferences of the family. The adults who interact with your child on a daily basis are key to a positive first experience. Here you will see teachers singing, reading, comforting, and encouraging infants as well as giving loving hugs. Infants will be cooing contentedly, singing happy songs and bouncing to their favorite music. We play various forms of music from lullabies to the classics for the babies and offer a wide variety of other learning opportunities. Here are some of the highlights of the infant curriculum: • Story Time to enhance a love of reading. • Nature Walks to the nearby farm to explore the wonders of nature. We have strollers that seat either 2, 4 or 6 children. • Music Sessions to help stimulate those developing neurological pathways! • Quality one on one time to build a child’s confidence and sense that, “I am someone special!” • Warm, loving relationships to develop a sense of security. • Monthly Themes that include songs, activities, stories, and language development. Every aspect of the day becomes the infant curriculum. Through close interactions with caregivers, infants will develop listening and language skills, hand-eye coordination and motor development. Even feeding times and diaper changes provide opportunities for meaningful verbal interactions and eye contact between caregiver and infant. Reading, outside time and music are added to the child’s sleeping and feeding patterns to enhance their development. Information sheets are given to parents daily to update you on your child’s day. All of these activities combine to provide a rich and stimulating learning experience for infants and a warm partnership between families and caregivers.

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