WirelessTrakker for Non-Ubiquiti

WirelessTrakker for Non-Ubiquiti from K12USA.com

By: K12USA.com  10/12/2016
Keywords: Education Technology, Wireless Networking Management

Your wireless controller and AP system may do a lot of things well. But chances are, you’re frustrated by what they can’t do. (For example, cloud-based controllers usually can’t handle DHCP for VLANs or inter-VLAN routing.) Truth is, most don’t have the features needed to be a complete multi-SSID solution, which limits your options and flexibility. That’s why we developed WirelessTrakker. When connected to your access points (purchased separately), our powerful, easy-to-use wireless-network support* does all this: DHCP (Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol) for Each VLAN The DHCP server hands out custom IP addresses for every SSID, so you can assign different content-filtering parameters to each SSID. • For example, IP addresses given to students on SSID #1 can be filtered one way; IP addresses belonging to staff on SSID #2 can be filtered another • Saves you the hassle of having to assign individual IP addresses to every user Inter-VLAN (Virtual Local Area Network) Routing Allows traffic on one SSID to travel to other SSIDs, the Internet, and different areas of your local area network. (In other words, it can serve as your core router.) Multicast DNS (Bonjour) Permits communication between network-connected devices, applications, and services, no matter which SSID the user is on. RADIUS (Remote Authentication Dial-In User Service) An alternative to filtering through SSIDs. Users enter a username and password to authenticate their status (student, teacher, etc.) and are filtered accordingly. VLAN Firewall* Blocks guests and other “outsiders” from accessing your school’s local servers when they log on to your Wi-Fi. It’s a secure way to keep your resources off limits to unauthorized users. Free with your subscription: • Software and equipment upgrades and replacements (applies to K12USA equipment, not access points) • Automatic configuration backup and updates • Unlimited tech support Free 30-day trial! Find out how easy it is to deploy a complete, fully featured wireless solution. Just email us at [email protected] (You'll need at least one access point to get started.)

Keywords: Education Technology, Wireless Networking Management

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