WirelessTrakker - Ubiquiti Controller & Wireless Support Appliance

WirelessTrakker - Ubiquiti Controller & Wireless Support Appliance from K12USA.com

By: K12USA.com  10/11/2016
Keywords: Wireless Networking, Wireless Networks, Education Technology

Ubiquiti’s controller software and enterprise-grade access points are excellent products at amazing prices. No wonder they’re a popular choice among K-12 IT professionals. But if you’re looking for more than a “one-size-fits-all” system, Ubiquiti falls short. It lacks many of the features needed to be a complete multi-SSID solution—which is increasingly important in today’s complex BYOD environment. WirelessTrakker changes all that. When Ubiquiti controller software is hosted on WirelessTrakker and paired with Ubiquiti’s UniFi AP ACs (purchased separately) you’ve got everything you need to deploy a powerful and versatile wireless-support system. Features include: • Inter-VLAN routing • VLAN firewalls* • DHCP for each VLAN • Multicast DNS (Bonjour) • RADIUS for enterprise authentication Benefits of a WirelessTrakker + Ubiquiti Solution: • Ubiquiti UniFi access points offer outstanding range at disruptive pricing. • Intuitive web-based controls and a sleek interface – For online management from anywhere you have Internet access. • Up to four wireless networks (SSIDs) – Assign different levels of access to staff, students, guests, and others. • Unlimited access points per controller – Start with one, expand to thousands; wireless networks can be as small or as large as you need. • User security your way – Supports 802.11ac encryption standards like WEP, WPA/WPA2 (pre-shared key [PSK]), or WPA/WPA2 enterprise. • Enterprise user validation – Allows for authentication using integrated RADIUS server against LDAP, active directory, internal authorization, or SecureSchool (or other Internet filter) database. • Power over Ethernet (PoE) functionality—or for non-PoE switches, PoE injector—for use with our wireless-controller system; this technology sends electrical power through Ethernet cables instead of electrical wires, eliminating the need for power outlets and cords at the site of the access point. • Ease and flexibility – Need two access points in close proximity? Every UniFi AP comes with two network jacks, so you can connect the pair (while powering them with just one PoE injector). • Detailed reports that help you manage traffic, bandwidth, and access points – View info such as number of clients connected at a given time and on which SSID, user IP addresses, types of devices, amount of traffic pushing through, signal strength, AP locations and activity, and more. • Automatic configuration backup and updates. • A little DIY, a lot of savings – We preconfigure your appliance with your network specs before shipping it; installation is so easy, you can do it yourself • Free service upgrades, free unlimited tech support, and free controller upgrades, maintenance, and replacements. • Free 30-day trial! Just email [email protected], and we’ll set you up (you need at least one UniFi AP to get started).

Keywords: Education Technology, K-12, Wireless Networking, Wireless Networks

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