By: The Law Office of Travis J. Richards, LLC  05/06/2015
Keywords: Foreclosure

Being served with a foreclosure action is frightening; however, you may be able to save your home by filing a bankruptcy action. Once a homeowner gets behind on his or her mortgage payments because of a lost job, medical emergency, divorce, or the loss of a spouse, we know how difficult it is to catch up the payments. Most mortgage companies charge large late fees and refuse to accept any amount other than the full amount to catch up on the entire past due balance. Once the mortgage company turns the account over to an attorney to pursue foreclosure, the balance owed increases substantially due to the attorney fees and costs that are added to the outstanding balance. Travis J. Richards has helped hundreds of clients save their homes from foreclosure by filing a bankruptcy case. Filing a bankruptcy case immediately stops the mortgage lender from continuing or starting a foreclosure action. Filing a bankruptcy case also allows the debtor to either remain in the home or have some additional time to find other living arrangements.

Keywords: Foreclosure

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