Renting a floor sander

By: Rentals Unlimited  10/14/2014
Keywords: Tile And Grout Cleaning, Floor Refinishing & Resurfacing, Floor Refinishing

You probably can do Floor Sanding on your own. What result are you expecting though? How much time have you got on your hands? Do you prepared to reach a compromise of quality of finishing? Seriously though, your first challenge is going to be with the rental dustless floor sanding equipment. Rental store floor sanding appliances are just far away from the same level as the heavy duty, business tools a pro floor sander has at his disposal. Dustless Floor Sanding execs equipment is balanced and meticulously maintained which is more than one can say for most rental appliances. If you called up a dozen seasoned floor sanding pros and asked them to refinish a floor with rental equipment, I guarantee most, if not all, would refuse. Our skill level would be cancelled in part by the performance of the rental equipment. The underperforming rental equipment in the hands of a 'newbie' or someone inexperienced, you might just imagine what the results would be. One almost invariably ends up damaging the floor and considerably reducing the wear layer and life of the floor. Some courageous souls do go on and attempt to sand their floors. Some do have 'fair results', regularly not knowing that they have noticeably reduced the life of the floor by removing more than they should have. Would you call that a 'saving'? Regularly we are called by an irritated folks who thought he could hire some equipment and do his own floor. Believe us, you do not want to be in that position!

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