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By: Jim Stevens Manual Therapy  04/25/2016
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Jim Stevens is a Master Manual Therapist & Physical Trauma Specialist Relieving pain and injury since 1994. His objective is to aide in the health and well-being of the physical body by treating pain, trauma, and immobility with the gentlest and most effective treatments available. While simultaneously, developing new techniques and increasing the potential reach of manual medicine. Although Jim Stevens licensed massage therapist, his work and skill is more osteopathic in origin. He begins by “listening” to the body and allow it to show us (through tension patterns) where the restrictions are located. He then gently release the restrictions that present themselves. The specific areas are often found within the internal organs, arterial network, nerves, bones, connective tissue, and occasionally muscle. It is rather like treating the body from the inside out. Once the primary restrictions are removed, Jim will smooth things out by massaging the muscles, thus effectively treating both the cause and the symptom. It is fantastic that we can manipulate and work with all the tissues of the body, creating a freedom of movement that allows all of the bodies systems to move and function more efficiently and effectively. This work is a unique blend. It combines the underlying principles of Chiropractic, Osteopathy, Physiotherapy and Massage to create a 360* viewpoint of the entire body. It allows me to work with all the tissues of the body in a non invasive, easy approach to ease the pain and stressors that all of us carry throughout our days. Osteopathy states, “The artery reigns supreme.” This means that all pain is essentially a lack of oxygen or insufficient blood supply. We treat this by stretching and softening the arteries, increasing their diameter, and as an effect, increasing blood flow. Chiropractics principle foundation is spinal health, whose primary concern is freeing up the function of the parasympathetic nervous chain. This is achieved without force of any kind when the practitioner understands the gentle mechanics required to free up the nerves and the surrounding tissues. Physiotherapy is the science of strengthening and lengthening musculature and connective tissue for the sake of creating strength, balance, joint mobilization, and flexibility. Massage is the art of softening the musculature of the body. Massage is generally performed with the hands to soften tight, sore, or fatigued muscles. It aids in increasing circulation and calming the nervous system.

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