Chiropractic care

By: A New You  10/02/2014
Keywords: Leg Pain, Hip pain, Pinched Nerve

Often times, we suffer from aches and pains in our necks and backs, or suffer from headaches and other conditions like plantar fasciitis and what do we do? We go see our family doctor, only to find out that they tell us nothing is wrong with us. Different types of providers look for the causes of our pain in different ways. Chiropractic physicians are specifically trained to look very closely at the muscles, joints, bones and the nervous system. We specifically find the actual cause of the pain and correct it, rather than send you home with pain meds, or muscle relaxers. Chiropractic care is one of the safest forms of healthcare available to you. Ever wonder what chiropractic care can help you with? Our office has had great success with the treatment of: Many forms of headaches, including migraines. Neck & back pain Sciatica Numbness, tingling, or burning in your arms & legs Disc pain Did you know that we have also had great success reducing, or eliminating pain associated with: TMJ Plantar fasciitis IBS Consultations are always free and you can schedule one at any time. Wouldn't it be great to be pain FREE??

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