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By: Punta cana wedding photographer  07/06/2014
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Ok. Time for this again. This is the page where your suppose to rant on about how great and wonderful you are. And how everything you do rocks. ( well it kinda does… ) And even more so, I should write the “we” in this section even tho its just actually me.. harsh calls. We love what we do. or I mean. I do. So I’ll start. Gonna make it pretty easy, even go a little wild throw in tons of keywords that will sum me up. Coffee (and I mean tons of it), cannon, travel, laugh (do this a lot, just not in the morning..), shopping, food, Oh and I kinda pretend I am a wine drinker, but really more of a beer girl that loves some Amaretto once a while. Goat cheese, hair. As i am writing this I am sitting with a big belly and waiting for my life to change drastically. So soon I can probably have words like, not get thrown up on, Kids TV, His cute face, etc, etc. Oh and shoes and jackets, almost forgot that.. mhm.. let me think, sun, work out, love dressing up, and I do love my job! Like really, I love so much what I do. Being able to capture and freeze the precious moments is truly something I am happy I found. Especially capturing the moment as it is, took me some time to figure out the whole getting people to be themselves and natural thing, esp when I am not to comfy to pose in front of the camera myself, like not at all, and guessing most of you are like I am. People are shy and not happy to be in front of the camera. So getting someone to feel like themselves and happy about it, is one of the key things in, at least, my photography style. This is why I love Candid photography. And photographing is for sure something I will do for the rest of my life. Doing weddings really makes me smile, even so much that sometimes getting home from one, I need to stand in front of the mirror making faces to loosen up the cheeks a little again… Oh and for sure need to get in here Natural light!! There is nothing more sexy then this… I absolutely love it, flash is blah. I think this half way sums me up. Easy going and filled with love. Spending my life in the Dominican Republic and Norway capturing weddings! Yes, I love my lifestyle… Shoot me a message, and we can chat some more!

Keywords: dominican republic punta cana blog, photo shoot gallery, punta cana blogs gallery, punta cana photoe blogs,

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