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By: My Healing Kitchen  08/06/2014
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My Healing Kitchen is a website about the top “healing super foods” which have been scientifically proven to improve, relieve and help reverse specific medical conditions. In addition, we bring you delicious original recipes and complete menus which combine these super foods in such a way as to multiply their healing power. You’ll also discover numerous clinical studies which confirm the healing power of these super foods over today’s most prevalent medical conditions. While drug treatments provide “band-aid” solutions, many times with unwanted side effects that are harmful to the body, nutrition is the ultimate medicine because it supercharges the body’s ingenious self-healing functions. No drug can even approximate this ability. Free Membership As a Member, you’ll receive valuable information about these healing foods and how to use them to improve your Medical Condition(s). You’ll receive information packed newsletters with healing superfoods and Recipes every week, plus the latest news and product information that you need to make a positive impact on your health. Every Tuesday you’ll receive a free Newsletter in your e-mail for each Medical Condition you selected at Sign Up. (If you wish to add a new Condition, you may do so at your My Healing Homepage.) Each weekly Newsletter will contain the Recipe of the Week, Healing Food News, plus other Helpers and Healers that can improve your specific Condition(s). Select Your Condition When you Sign Up, you may pick as many specific Medical Conditions as you like. We’ll send you a free weekly Newsletter for each. (Currently, Arthritis and Diabetes are the only Medical Conditions available, but more will be coming soon.) Comments and Forums We’d love to share your personal healing experience with our Members to inspire and educate them. We invite you to do so in the Comments section that follows each Recipe and Healing News feature. We also ask you to rate the Recipe of the Week, and to share your own favorite healing recipes, meals, nutritional supplements and personal healing techniques. My Healing Store You’re welcome to shop in our Store for fine-quality foods, supplements plus other health improvement aids, tools and resources. (Our Store is presently being assembled and will be open for business soon.) Tell Your Friends We hope you’ll share My Healing Kitchen with your friends and relatives who are seeking to improve a specific Medical Condition(s). Simply use the Share button to automatically send them any healing Recipe or Healing News feature. Give Suggestions & Get Support Please send us your suggestions for how we can improve My Healing Kitchen and better serve you. Contact our Support Department. We hope you enjoy the website and that you find real healing here. Tell us Your Story If you have a personal experience where you healed yourself from a particular medical condition, we’d be delighted to share it with our members to help and inspire them. Send your story to www.myhealingkitchen.com/myhealingstory

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