Astrology and Starcards Tarot Readings

Astrology and Starcards Tarot Readings from Julie Kelly Astrology

By: Julie Kelly Astrology  07/10/2015
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PHONE READINGS It's your choice of topics. We can look at any general astrology topic, any birth chart, and/or birth date and/or we can use the Starcards Tarot deck to answer more specific questions. BIRTH CHART Order your BIRTH CHART Today! For $5, I offer an EASY TO READ copy of your birth information. I'll also include a 2-page 'Astrology Guide' that explains the Planets, Signs and Houses for interpreting your unique chart. YOUR SOUL'S BLUEPRINT: An Interpretation of Your Birth Chart A mandala of you, past & present, with all your challenges and opportunities, your natural tendencies and best & worst choices in jobs, love, health, fun, inner peace and fulfillment. Understanding your birth chart and gaining deeper awareness of your soul's choices for this lifetime can help you create a richer life and add depth and new meaning to your relationships. It can also show you how to reconnect with joy & live your life more consciously on both the material and the spiritual levels. PROGRESSIONS (1 Year) Progressions reflect the inner you — the part that makes choices that are not defined by others or by outside circumstances. Progressions also explain how and where we choose to become more complex as we grow. They show how we perceive our own growth, and where we will make changes voluntarily based on those perceptions. RELATIONSHIP COMPATIBILITY After you meet someone, how will you really get along? Compatibility readings compare your Chart or your Birth Date with that of another's to gauge your relationship's potential strengths and pitfalls. Find out who is really the right person for you, the best or worst signs for you and why, what makes a relationship last or fall apart, including karmic and past life ties. Compare your chart with anyone else Love • Family • Business • Friendship

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