Cosmetic Dentistry

By: Northport Family Dental  07/12/2016
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The term “cosmetic dentistry” is actually a misnomer – we approach any restoration at Northport Family Dental as an artistic endeavor. Patients have been known to chuckle as we agonize over color matching ceramics on upper back molar teeth that can’t be seen. The truth is that we want you to be just as excited about how good that ceramic looks even if you can’t see it. And just so you know how great your new restoration looks, we'll show you a magnified image of the dental work using our intraoral camera. Cosmetic Restorations To be accurate, crowns, partial crowns (onlays), and veneers are all a variation on a common theme, which is to restore your oral health and improve the appearance of your smile. What we call "the restoration" sometimes depends on where in the mouth it is located. For instance, in the front of the mouth, a veneer can be considered a partial crown. However, what you call it matters less than achieving the desired result based on stated goals and then choosing the appropriate materials and matching the design of the preparation. Dr. Jeffrey Rubin and Dr. Olivia Quinn will work with you to help you decide which is the most appropriate restoration to address a particular problem. Choosing the Best Solution for Your Needs Some of the things we take into consideration when choosing the best treatment option for you is: The location of the tooth in the arch The ability to match adjacent teeth and block out underlying discoloration The oral environment in which the restoration will be placed; i.e., is clenching or grinding a problem? The amount of healthy tooth structure remaining We address all these concerns and work with you to decide how to best design a functional restoration that will blend with its neighbors and fulfill all the criteria that concern us. Oh, and last a long time. We choose our materials depending on the location and the strength required. For instance, veneers are commonly thought of as being placed on the front teeth only. They can be thin or thick, and their relative thickness is often determined by both pre-existing conditions and the final cosmetic goal. They are also often used on the upper side teeth to broaden a smile and fill what we refer to as negative space. Your input at this point in the process is crucial, because we want you to feel in control of the decisions you make so you can be thrilled with the outcome of any work we perform. Fully Customized Dental Restorations All custom coloration of your porcelain restorations are done right here in our Northport office. This is especially important when we are performing a restoration like matching a single front veneer or crown to an adjacent natural tooth. This can be a tricky process, and it often requires several attempts to get the shade just right. In the past, in situations like this, the patient often needed four or more visits to achieve an acceptable match. While modifications made chair side make for a longer appointment, it's is still a single trip.

Keywords: Cosmetic Dental, Cosmetic Dental Care, Cosmetic Dentistry, Cosmetic Dentists

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