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By: A Fresh Start Law  08/12/2014
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Q: PNG wants to charge $320 security deposit due to past resident's account performance: My credit is good but PNG is stating that due to the history on the property from the previous residents, they are requiring a $320 security deposit to get the gas turned on into my name. How am I responsible for this and is it even legal to make me pay for the poor billing performance of past residents? I have never had to pay a deposit with PNG or Duke Power in the past when I moved due to my excellent payment history. Asked about 5 hours ago in Debt Collection A: Dorothy’s answer: Public utilities are highly regulated and state laws and the action of state commissions determine the criteria for credit policies these companies implement. Once you are registered to vote at your new address, contact your state representative to complain. Written complaints are much more effective than a phone call. Being polite is more effective than being rude, but you folks in North Carolina have taught the rest of us that lesson! Hope this perspective helps! Answered about 1 hour ago. Q: Question : Execution of garnishment from judgment by a creditor after the 10-year statute of limitation has expired.: Question: Can the creditor be granted an extension of the judgment by the court for any reason after the 10 year statute of limitation in the state of Missouri? If so, for how long? Asked about 1 hour ago in Debt Collection A: Dorothy’s answer: In most states, the life of a court judgment is different from the SOL, which is the age a debt has gone without payment before a suit is filed. Be sure you are not confusing apples with oranges. Hope this perspective helps! Answered about 1 hour ago. Q: I filed a Chapter 7 in March of 2010 and did not reaffirm my house. Can I surrender house? Will I have to pay any more to bank: When I filed I put on the Statement of Intention that I wanted to reaffirm. We never received a reaffirmation agreement from the mortgage company. They will not agree to a home loan modification and the payments are too high for us to continue under our present circumstances. We would like to surrender the house and move on with our lives. Asked about 3 hours ago in Bankruptcy A: Dorothy’s answer: At least once a week I see any angry post from someone who thought that saying they intended to do something was the equivalent of actually doing it. So years down the road, the poster is surprised to find that s/he owes property taxes, HOA dues, municipal maintenance costs, etc, and is facing a foreclosure on their credit report. You want to walk away from the obligations of property ownership, bankruptcy alone won't take you there. You ought to be looking into a short sale or deed in lieu of foreclosure to avoid additional repercussions of home ownership after bankruptcy. Bankruptcy eliminates your obligations to pay the mortgage, but you are stuck with any debts that arise afterwards. Hope this perspective helps!

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