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By: Platinum Web Marketing   07/02/2015
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Creative Web Content Ideas for Boring Businesses in Las Vegas Most businesses are not set up for "exciting" web content. People may be intrigued about new technology coming out, but not if the technology is used to unclog toilets. If you work in a not-so-thrilling industry, you may have a hard time coming up with content that gets people itching to visit your website. The information below will help you out. Here are some creative web content ideas for boring businesses in Las Vegas. ~Create Enticing Titles ~A good title can make take a boring piece of information and make it exciting. Think about these two titles: "How to Build a Bookshelf" "Transform an Old Ladder into an Awesome Shelving System for under $10" Which one would you click on? Most of us would choose the bottom one in a heartbeat, even if they have identical information inside. You can still incorporate your keywords into the titles. You just have to find a way to spice them up. The more "clickable" your titles are, the less boring. Add Images And Videos to Your Content: All it takes is one image to transform the way your web content looks. Las Vegas is a city full of bright lights and movement. Why wouldn't you want the same on your website? No, we're not saying that you should fill the page with images. That may slow down your load times and make matters even worse. As a good rule of thumb though, you should try to add one image or video for every 400 words on a page. Guide people through the information with images that catch their attention. The longer they stay on the page, the more they will learn to trust you. Pay Attention to the Web: Viral videos and images don't go "viral" without people sharing them – aggressively. You can jump on the bandwagon, when appropriate, and show people that you are on trend. You can put a creative spin on big news stories and online trends to make them relevant to your business. Example: If you run a custom car shop, you might write an article along the lines of, "How to Make Your Own Jurassic Park Jeep." With the recent release of Jurassic World, people will have a new interest in doing a project like that. Then you could promote your services and generate leads for your Las Vegas Business. Remember: Customers LOVE Case Studies: Perhaps the best content you could possibly put on your "boring" business website in Las Vegas is a case study. This will go through the details of a project you completed from start to people. Case studies show people what you are capable of, and they let people see before, during, and after photos of your work. This will let them trust you in a whole new way because they can see what you do right in front of their eyes. Throw in some keywords along the way, and you'll be good to go! ‪#‎copywriting‬, ‪#‎internetmarketing‬ ‪#‎lasvegas‬, ‪#‎keywords‬, ‪#‎SEO‬ ‪#‎webcontent‬, ‪#‎website‬ ‪#‎content‬ ‪#‎Google‬ ‪#‎Yahoo‬ ‪#‎Bing‬

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