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By: Portasoft Water Conditioning  11/07/2014
Keywords: hard water, iron managanese & sulfur odor, acidity, chlorine order, dirt & sediment, bacterial conta

We always like to say, "Buy a filter, don't be a filter." We have been providing the highest quality water treatment equipment at the most affordable prices for 52 years. We provide prompt, personal service at prices well below the national average. We are members of the Water Quality Association with WQA-certified specialists on our staff. We are a family-owned and operated company with strong ties to the local community. Let us answer your questions and help you choose the water treatment options that are right for you with a FREE consultation. The first step in deciding how to treat your water is by knowing what is wrong. Call us for FREE testing to evaluate your water. Put your confidence in the over 50 years of experience behind our company to help you restore your water. Ask us about a FREE trial offer. Water is hard when it contains certain amounts of minerals, such as calcium and magnesium, commonly known as limestone, chalk or gypsum. You may not see these minerals until your water is heated or until you add a chemical compound like detergent or soap. This is when these minerals come out of the water and attack your plumbing/heating system and cause many other problems in your home. Problems caused by hard water : Damage to pipes and heating systems,Dry skin, skin ailments, dull & limp hair,Poor laundering results,Difficulty in cleaning floors, sinks and bathtubs,Soap curd causing streaks/spots on dishes and glasswareRecognize problems: Soap doesn't lather,Glasses are cloudy,Rings and stains in tubs, sinks & toilets, Discolored and rough clothing. Damage to your home and pocketbook: The greatest damage resulting from hard water is damage you don't see until it's too late. Water heaters, boilers and piping systems will gradually become lined with calcium and magnesium deposits. As the deposits build up, the water flow in pipes slows and eventually stops.

Keywords: hard water, iron managanese & sulfur odor, acidity, chlorine order, dirt & sediment, bacterial conta

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