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Bed Bug Treatment from JS Pest Control

By: JS Pest Control  09/03/2014
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Bed Bugs started to show up in the 1990′s and now are in every state. In 2004, the New York department of Health had 79 recorded statements on bed bugs. In 2006, that number jumped to 4,600 and has been climbing ever since. All species of bed bugs are blood-feeding, temporary ecto-parasites. This means they go onto a host only to feed and then spend the rest of the time between blood meals protected in hiding places, such as cracks and crevices and voids to name a few. Bed Bugs expand in size and become red in color as they suck blood. Nymphs may increase their weight 3 to 6 times, and an adult female can ingest 8 mg of blood at one feeding. How do Bed Bugs spread? They can be ACTIVE MIGRANTS! They will walk to new areas on their own six legs, but more often they are HITCHHIKERS. It’s easier to catch a free ride than walk. Las Vegas Bed bugs most commonly infest new locations by being carried there: hitching on clothing, luggage, used furniture, second hand carpets and other items. Soft sided luggage and backpacks are particularly susceptible to bed bugs because of their texture and their many seams and folds. Cleanliness in and of itself has little to do with getting beg bugs. CLUTTER, however, can have a significant impact on how efficiently bed bugs can be controlled. One of the biggest obstacles in achieving control over a bed bug infestation is dealing with cluttered rooms, piles of clothes, toys, etc, in closets, stacks of boxes and materials against the wall and under the bed. Clutter provides hiding areas where bed bugs can harbor and remain well protected from insecticides and other control methods.

Keywords: Animal Removal Service, Bird Barriers Repellents & Controls, Pest Evaluation

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