By: Ian L. Pritchard, Ph.D.  12/16/2014
Keywords: Leadership Development, Executive Coaching, Organizational Development

- Professional Consultation & Training I provide personal and professional consulting and training services to fellow mental health professionals, including graduate students in the helping professions, with particular sensitivity to the ethical and professional subtleties inherent in our field. - Executive Coaching I assist leaders in developing and understanding the unique ways in which they may capitalize on their social roles to influence organizational culture, group behaviors, and the stability of their inner lives. My approach to executive consultation stems from systems psychodynamics, including consideration of adult development, group dynamics, and open systems theory. The coaching process I employ involves a deepening exploration of roles, boundaries, systemic and non-rational processes, as well as the exercise of power and authority as these manifest in one's work-life. - Organizational Consulting My organizational interests include the psychosocial effectiveness of intensive, educational interventions; effects of technology and globalization on organizational development; executive coaching; and, group and institutional dynamics.

Keywords: Business Leadership Coaching, Clinical Consultant, Corporate Coaching, Corporate Training, Executive Coach, Executive Coaching, Leadership Coaching, Leadership Development, Management Consultant, Organizational Development, Personnel Consultants, Personnel Management Consultant, Project Management Consultant

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Psychological Services

Dr. Pritchard's breadth of training and experience allows him to offer a broad spectrum of psychological services ranging from mental and behavioral health to organizational consultation.

Relatedness in a Global Economy from Ian L. Pritchard, Ph.D. thumbnail

Relatedness in a Global Economy

Relatedness in a Global Economy is a "collection of inventive papers shines a bright light on the covert and overt issues arising from economic globalization and the process of continuous change in developing organizational structures. It belongs on the shelf of anyone interested in employing a systems psychodynamic perspective in a fast-changing world."



Psychotherapy, therapy, and counseling services offered by Dr. Ian Pritchard include general young adult and adult individual psychotherapy, adjunctive severe mental illness therapy, group therapy, addictions counseling, substance abuse counseling, couples counseling, marital therapy, and career/vocational counseling.



Psychological testing, assessment, and evaluation services of Dr. Ian Pritchard include diagnostic assessment, personality assessment, intelligence testing, learning disability evaluation, intellectual disability evaluation, and mental Illness / intellectual disability evaluations.