By: Ian L. Pritchard, Ph.D.  12/16/2014
Keywords: Psychological Testing, Psychological Evaluations, Psychological Assessment

Diagnostic Assessment explores the nature and pattern of psychological symptoms from which an individual may or may not be suffering. While diagnostic formulations are most commonly used at the outset of psychological treatment, many measures are also useful in determining progress and course of treatment. In addition to DSM-IV-TR and DSM-V diagnoses, the information provided by a diagnostic assessment includes treatment recommendations and prognosis. Personality Assessment Intelligence Testing Learning Disability Evaluation Intellectual Deficits, Intellectual Disabilities, Mental Retardation, and Developmental Disability evaluations are intended to assist in the behavioral management, treatment, and well-being of adults living with mental and developmental challenges. My Intellectual Disability evaluations involve the identification and assessment of cognitive deficits, including mental retardation, specific strengths and weaknesses in intellectual and adaptive functioning. The resulting psychological report provides extensive neuropsychological information and behavioral recommendations appropriate for the Medicaid Developmental Disability Waiver Program. Mental Illness / Intellectual Disability Evaluation is designed to address the unique diagnostic and treatment complexities inherent in adults living with co-occurring mental illness and developmental or intellectual disabilities. The evaluation includes the above Intellectual Disability evaluation, but moves beyond the strictly neuropsychological and cognitive perspective by integrating data from psychopathology assessment to lend a deeper understanding of the behavioral and psychological challenges faced by the examinee. Specific treatment recommendations are provided.

Keywords: Psychological Assessment, Psychological Assessments, Psychological Evaluations, Psychological Testing

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