By: Ian L. Pritchard, Ph.D.  12/16/2014
Keywords: Counseling And Therapy, Therapy, Psychotherapy

Psychotherapy, therapy, and counseling services offered by Dr. Ian Pritchard include general young adult and adult individual psychotherapy, adjunctive severe mental illness therapy, group therapy, addictions counseling, substance abuse counseling, couples counseling, marital therapy, and career/vocational counseling. My approach to psychological treatment is one in which each individual is viewed as more than a cluster of specific symptoms, but as a complex whole of unique experiences within innumerable social and environmental contexts. Accordingly, my treatment of an individual's problems in living is one of "rigorous eclecticism" rather than the one-size-fits-all variety. In what might be described as an integration of psychodynamic and cognitive-behavioral approaches, I utilize insight-oriented strategies designed to foster a deeper appreciation and understanding of the self and relationships, while supplementing this work with practical, action-oriented, and evidence-based treatment protocols in addressing well-defined and immediate psychological difficulties. Treatment plans are cooperatively developed in a shared decision process involving full participation by clients, who are viewed as the foremost experts on themselves, to produce customized approaches that address the unique needs of each individual from a variety of theoretical and practical orientations. Common Treatment Issues include: - Depression - Anxiety - Worry - Panic - Phobias - Social Problems - Shyness - Relationship Problems - Trauma - Grief & Loss - Major Life Transitions - Men's Issues - Adjustment Difficulties - Stress - Addictions - Anger Management - Work & Career Problems

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Psychological Services

Dr. Pritchard's breadth of training and experience allows him to offer a broad spectrum of psychological services ranging from mental and behavioral health to organizational consultation.

Relatedness in a Global Economy from Ian L. Pritchard, Ph.D. thumbnail

Relatedness in a Global Economy

Relatedness in a Global Economy is a "collection of inventive papers shines a bright light on the covert and overt issues arising from economic globalization and the process of continuous change in developing organizational structures. It belongs on the shelf of anyone interested in employing a systems psychodynamic perspective in a fast-changing world."



Consultation services offered by Dr. Ian Pritchard include clinical consultation, executive coaching, leadership development, corporate training, management training, and organizational consultation.



Psychological testing, assessment, and evaluation services of Dr. Ian Pritchard include diagnostic assessment, personality assessment, intelligence testing, learning disability evaluation, intellectual disability evaluation, and mental Illness / intellectual disability evaluations.