By: Albany Hypnosis Center  11/11/2014
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Albany Hypnosis Center, located in the Capital District, provides hypnosis services to the areas of Schenectady, Albany, Troy, Delmar and Clifton Park. We are dedicated to improving your life, whether it is through weight loss, smoking cessation, stress management or any other inhibiting habits you may have. We build customized programs for each individual's needs. In order to determine if we could accept you as a client, we offer free 30-minute screenings. Call (518) 275-7388 today to make an appointment! “My expectations were exceeded. Hypnosis has re-trained my mind to listen to my body and forget the clock. Love it!” - Lori Clark “My addiction to food is gone and I no longer eat for other reasons except being physically hungry.” - Robin Wolfe “It was very surprising that the cravings and lust for sugary products seemingly vanished and new items replaced them. Broccoli, which I hated, I now grab as a snack.” - Rob Hilts "I have smoked for 25 years and I am shocked at how well this worked!" - Kristie Bradt Smoked 40 years “Thank you for helping me to quit smoking!” - Mark Bombard Smoked 50 years “It works!” - Rit Baron "I used hypnosis for nail biting and noticed a change in behavior immediately - on the way home. After one session I became aware of my nail biting and immediately removed my hands from my mouth before I began biting my nails." - Steve Hanna “I wanted to feel confident about what I do and I wanted to have the ability to want to do more with my life and hypnosis has helped me realize that instantly.“ - Juan Pedrozo

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