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Fishing Seasons from Regina E Sport Fishing

By: Regina E Sport Fishing  07/21/2014
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Striped Bass: We start Striped Bass fishing in the early Spring ususally before the State opener (catch and release) fishing within Jamaica Bay utilizing live bait or clams depending on the current trends. We then transition to almost all live bait within the bay and then moving out to the ocean for the summer and throughout the fall. Flounder: Flounder fishing starts in March and can run to the State closure later in the Spring. Often later in the Spring we catch some of the biggest flounder of the season. Worms, mussels and clams along with plenty of chum is the standard approach for Winter Flounder. Bluefish: Bluefish usually arrive in April and leave the NY Bight in the late fall. We will pursue them with Bait and chum throught the Summer and Fall. Bluefish can also be readily caught on artificial lures most of the time they are feeding. Night trips are also a favorite for summer evenings. Seabass and Porgies: Seabass and Porgies usually arrive in the inshore waters in the late spring and will be on our local reefs through the late spring through the early fall. later in the fall they trasition to deeper water wrecks and rock piles where we will pursue them until the state mandates closure of the fishery. Blackfish: Blackfish are found on wrecks and rocky bottom throughout the NY bight and we will be in pursuit of them from the opening of their season till the last day. Fishing usually starts in the mid fall and ends in December. We carry a full compliment of hard baits for Blackfish as well as hermit crabs when available. Fluke: Fluke (Summer Flounder) fishing trips will be run withing Jamaica Bay and out into the ocean in waters up to 100 feet deep. The Fluke season opens in Mid Spring and runs through early summer. All live, fresh and frozen baits as well as lures are utilized to get a doormat in the boat. Cod: Winter Cod trips generally start around Thanksgiving and can run up to mid spring. Offshore trips can be run year round. Fresh bait when available along with chum is our standard approach for Cod. Jigging is always welcome and we will have jigs and equipment available. Tuna: We start out Tuna trips usually in June or July and finish up sometimes as late as New Years. We use artificial lures as well as a broad spectrum of natural baits to catch Yellowfin, Big Eye, Bluefin and Longfin tunas. Trolling and overnight chunking trips are standard. Standup gear is standard but when targeting particularly large tuna we will use bent butt equipment from the rod holders. Sharks: Shark trips start in early May and run up through the late fall depending on water temperatures. We utilize a fulol spectrum of live and fresh as well as frozen baits along with chum to catch our Makos and Threshers. Typically we will use standup outfits for our shark trips. During tournaments we will use heavier bent butt tackle and fight the fish from a swivel rod holder.

Keywords: New York City Fishing Charters

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