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By: Canandaigua Martial Arts Center  02/19/2016
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DISCLAIMER It has come to our attention that another local school is attempting to use our name, and/or the likeness of our name, to gain internet traffic. Claims are being made that do not reflect our thinking and teaching values. Statements such as: Canandaigua Martial Arts Harness Ancient Secrets for Unstoppable Self- Defense, Inner-Peace & a lean,Toned Body "How This Canandaigua Martial Arts Class Uses 2000 year old secrets of the far East to teach you flawless self defense, Helps you loose weight extremely fast, And live a happier, more meaningful life..." It is the view of Canandaigua Martial Arts Center LLC, AKA Canandaigua Martial Arts, that this is a dangerous over exaggeration. No body is flawless and unstoppable ! Train hard, keep quiet, and be humble is our way. Any and all official views, comments, and blogs can be found on our official website (, or on our Facebook page (Canandaigua Martial Arts). There are numerous other blogs and links that use our name. This brings dishonor to the Martial Arts world . They are full of gibberish, canned pictures, and cheesy sales pitches that lead to predatory 3 year contracts and high pressure business methods used in front of your children. Three year contracts are not normal in this industry nor should you be made to believe that. This has been going on for years and the community deserves better. These cult like people have no morals. Please do not confuse our school with these links. We challenge this school to clean up their act and stop using our name ! Thank You for your Time, Charles Ash Owner of Canandaigua Martial Arts Center LLC. 585-734-7377 email : [email protected] A thief is a thief whether he steals a diamond or a cucumber , or your Dojo name ~ Indian proverb ~

Keywords: Karate & Other Martial Arts Instruction, Karate Lessons, Karate School, Martial Arts & Fitness, Martial Arts Classes, Martial Arts Lessons, Martial Arts Schools, Martial Arts Training

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