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By: The Burns Agency  09/28/2015
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Our agency is here to help you through every aspect of your claim experience. Frequently Asked Questions: I HAD AN AUTO ACCIDENT, WHAT SHOULD I DO AT THE SCENE? 1.Stop your car. 2.Remain calm. 3.Determine if there are injuries and call for medical assistance if needed. 4.Do not block traffic. Move your vehicle as far off the roadway as possible. Stay at the scene and warn other motorists by activating your hazard lights or setting flares. 5.Call the police to report the accident. Ask the investigating officer where you will be able to obtain a copy of the police report. 6.Do not admit fault or liability. Discuss the accident only with the police and your NYCM Insurance claim representative. 7.If possible, at the scene, exchange names, phone numbers, and license numbers of all the drivers, passengers and witnesses to the accident, including pedestrians, bicyclists, etc. Always write down the make, model, and license plate numbers of the other vehicles. Ask all drivers for their insurance company information such as name of company (not name of agent) and policy number. 8.Record details of the accident. Document the accident as much as possible while the details are still fresh in your mind. If possible, photograph the accident scene. 9.Contact your insurance company or us at 315.853.5052 immediately to report the accident and provide all of the information you have collected. I HAD AN AUTO ACCIDENT, WHAT SHOULD I DO AFTER I REPORT THE CLAIM? The company usually likes to inspect damage prior to repair so unless it has been oked by the company please do not repair or replace damaged items until the company has a chance to look at it. If you choose to use a shop approved by your company you may not need to wait for the adjuster—ask your shop for details. Any accident with total damage exceeding $1000 or with any injury is required to be reported to NY State with an MV-104 form. Access to the MV-104 form on the DMV website by clicking here. Also, if anyone was injured or was treated at the scene you need to advise our office or the company as soon as possible. Your policy should pay your medical regardless of fault but before they can do so they will need you complete and return the No-Fault application that they will send directly to you. In the event your vehicle is a total loss you will need to remove all of your personal property from the car as soon as possible—this includes the license plates. If you plan to replace the car immediately you can keep the plates to transfer to the new vehicle. If you are not planning to replace the car soon you should turn in the plates to the DMV and bring us the receipt so that we can remove the insurance from the car. If there is a bank listed on your policy but you have paid off the loan, get us the lein release so we can remove the bank. When there is a bank loan on the vehicle the claim check will be made payable to both you and the bank. I HAD A PROPERTY CLAIM, WHAT SHOULD I DO AFTER I REPORT IT? The company usually likes to inspect damage prior to repair so unless it has been approved by the company please do not repair or replace damaged items until the company has a chance to come out and look, or they approve. You should: •Do what you can to prevent further damage, this may include temporary repairs. •If water damage, drying is a priority to avoid mold. •Take detailed photos and/or video (with time/date stamp). •Inventory the damagaed items and keep track of expenses. •Get an estimate to repair, replace and/or clean up. •Do not throw away property that will be part of a claim (if forced to by municipality then at least keep samples or swatches of items where quality will be a claims factor - in addition to color photos). •If a crime was committed, contact the authorities. •Keep all claim detail and records in a secure location to share with the adjuster.

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