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OEM high-end customizing service from hair fibers private label manufacturer-FULLY

By: hair fibers private label manufacturer-FULLY  04/21/2015
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FULLY hair fiber: Professional private label fiber products manufacturer! FULLY hair building fibers, also known as hair fiber powder, hair thickening fibers, hair regrowth fibers, hair fibers, keratin hair fibers, cotton hair fibers, natural hair fibers, super million hair fiber, organic hair fibers, hair thickener fibers, anti hair loss fibers. *Brief Introduction of 2nd generation hair fiber powder. FULLY research center has updated our hair building fibers into 2nd generation, for this generation hair fibers,they have advantages in following aspects: Attachment: as our 2nd hair thickener are specially added anti-static agent, which is able to make hair fibers attract with hair, so our hair fibers can make super million hair in a very short time. And for this ingredients, they are pure and natural and will never cause side effects. Appearance: in appearance, these hair fibers are longer, slimmer and lighter in fiber quality. So they are more like human virgin hair, and can not be distinguished by origianl remy hair. In formula: this generation is pure plant natural hair building fibers formula, so they are pure organic hair fibers free from bactericide and preservatives. *Products Ingredients: Plant Resinous Fibers: mainly extracts from pine and cedar, Keratin Derivatives: extracts from corn Antistatic Agent: used to enable fibers to attach to hair Ammonium Bicarbonate: make fibers softer and more flexible *18 colors: Our FULLY hair building fiber are updated into 2nd generation, and they are pure plant ingredients. And we have 18 colors choices for this hair building fibers: Black/ Dark Brown/Ash Brown/Medium Brown/Hazel Brown/Brown Red Brown/Light Brown/Golden Brown/Auburn/Dark Blonde/Medium Blonde Ash Blonde/Light Blonde/Blonde/Grey/Light Grey/White *Four services For these hair building fiber, we can provide you four kinds of services, they are: 1) hair fiber private label: this is the main service of us, we can help customer do their own brands. 2) Hair fiber raw material, in this service, customer is able to ship them in kilogram 3) Hair fiber refillable bags: this is for customer to fill into the bottle they already have, it is called hair fiber refill too. 4) Hair fiber in FULLY brand.: we can provide the final products in 23g per bottle. *Company: FULLY hair building fibers are produced by automatic machine on assembly line. As our company has 14 years professional hair care experience, our hair building fiber is of our own patent, ZL201220092612.4, and we are the supplier of many hair building fiber brands. *Certifications: For all these service, we can provide you corresponding certifications, they are, CPSR, ISO9001, MSDS, GMPC etc 28 certifications to ensure our products can be shipped to EU and FDA. 1)CPSR: Cosmetic Product Safety Report 2)ISO9001: Regulations for Manufacturing base 3)MSDS: Material Safety Data Sheet for each ingredients GMPC: Good Manufacturing Practice Certificates *FULLY hair fiber products accessories: Hairline optimizer: this is useful to help customer when customer use their own hair building fiber. And they are useful to avoid falling down of the products onto face. Hair applicator: it can help spray hair building fiber into baldness or thinning area so the whole hair can be thicken in just 30 seconds. Hair magic treasure: FULLY can provide the natural plant hair magic treasure, and it also has the function of helping hair growth. Hair 360 mirrors: this mirror is helpful for you to see the backside of our whole hair. Hair massage glove: this glove is useful to promote the blood circulations so the whole hair can regrow. Dear friend, if you have any question, please feel free to contactus. Any question I will be very glad to help.

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