Is Charging For Plastic Bag A Good Initiative?

Is Charging For Plastic Bag A Good Initiative? from Plastic Bag Source

By: Plastic Bag Source  03/19/2014
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Usage of plastic bags has mounted to a new high. Scientists have identified a huge threat with the growing use of plastic bags. As plastic is not easily disposable, it pollutes the environment and proliferates global warming. Countries are trying to identify various means to reduce the consumption of plastic bags in wholesale; one of them is penalizing people for abuse of plastic bags.

Why plastic bags?

Plastic bags have a host of advantages, some of these are:

- Easily available and used widely for carrying items from grocery stores worldwide
- Useful for throwing the garbage in the dustbin
- Promotional shopping bags are effective low-cost medium for branding and advertisement
- Pack-up clothes and cover up the cupboards

Arguments for penalizing:

Worldwide some countries have identified penalizing plastic bag abusers as a solution to curb plastic bags. Countries have felt that paying against the use of plastic shall reduce its consumption and in turn; reduce the overall effects of global warming. Penalizing people for the abuse of plastic bags will be warning for other abusers and that way, it will create a chain of positive people not abusing plastic.

Arguments against penalizing:

People use plastic aggressively as the alternates are not freely available. Charging for plastic bags might also increase the corruption as there is no clear strategy as to who would receive this penalty funds, the government or retailers. Those retailers who buy plastic bags in wholesale have to pay a premium price for the procurement of such bags.

What’s next?

Charging for a plastic bag might work out well for a certain countries however; this system can fail for most others. Ideally, reusable plastic bags are a good option to reduce the plastic abuse. A few companies like plastic bag source produce biodegradable and reusable plastic bags and thereupon, ensure that the plastic bags dispose in the ground and don’t contribute towards rising global warming.

Companies like Plastic Bag Source also produce promotional shopping bags, but as they are reusable, they promote the company well to the target and at the same time stop the plastic abuse. Instead of penalizing customers with a premium price, countries should fund more such companies who produce and manufacture reusable and biodegradable plastic bags. Some of the main benefits of reusable plastic bags are:

Reusable plastic bags are inexpensive and this is the biggest benefit to both, the consumers and the retailers. Moreover, reusable bags can be reused for a longer time period and thus, the cost of using that plastic bag remains pocket friendly.

Reusable or biodegradable plastic bags are equally strong and can withstand a good amount of load. Stuffing groceries into sturdy reusable bags is faster than bagging with normal plastic. Biodegradable plastic keep their shape and don’t require picking apart, like plastic bags. Reusable’s are also easy to wash.

Wrapping it all up, reusable or biodegradable plastic bags in wholesale are the solutions to the surging problem of global warming. Stop penalizing, go green!

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