What’s the difference between pajamas and terry cloth robe?

What’s the difference between pajamas and terry cloth robe? from jintiantextile

By: jintiantextile  11/05/2015
Keywords: Microfiber Cloth, Discount Fabric, Homemade Cleaning Products

Difference I: To be simple, a pajamas is simply one kind of apparel used for sleeping, ordinary clothes before and after sleep at home; while a terry cloth robe is one garment after bath, easy for absorption and make the body dry faster. Difference 2. The materials used for a pajamas and a terry cloth robe are different. For a pajamas, the most common used fabric are soft material, light and elegant color, or nice cabbage patch printings. Mostly they are 100% cotton, or high class silk material, smooth and nice to skin. While a terry cloth robe, most materials used are those with good property of water absorption, thus high class bamboo fiber is often used. To be specific, there is no big difference between them, mostly depending on how to use them. Apart from difference, they have something in common in purchase. It’s suggested to choose knitted fabric or silk material. And light colors are better for both pajamas and terry cloth robe, easier for calming the mind. Sizes and styles are mainly according to personal likes.

Keywords: Discount Fabric, Homemade Cleaning Products, Microfiber Cloth